Key's Field Opportunity

Opportunity is offered to apprentice volunteers and internship on hospitality and tourism. This offer is intended to give an individual a wider and greater exposure and knowledge on matters pertaining to hotelier and as well local and international tourism.


  • Acquire skills and competence on running a reputable hotel and tourist operating companies.
  • Open an opportunity for more volunteers to be involved in competitive and distinctive completion of tasks.
  • Promote creativity and brilliancy in the improvement and increase of business with the target of monopolizing the market.

Adaptable Program

Volunteers who have majored in business, tourism and hospitality have a wider chance of gaining greater experience in such field and will have an access to earn a lot of experiences while developing relationship with experts in the pertinent field.

As a hotelier, intern may be assigned the following duties:

  • House keeping
  • Food, beverage and catering
  • Rooms and residential
  • Procurement
  • Human resources
  • Front desk
  • Marketing
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Shops and business management

At Tourist Operator Company a volunteer may be assigned the following duties:

  • Subordinating the director in all administrative duties as assigned
  • Well informed, participate and lead all tour meetings with clients providing them with enough information of their trips.
  • Develop and update company’s website and monthly newsletters as well as all social media pages.
  • Create inventiveness on improving an implementable, up to standard and well modernized strategies for the improvement of business and its proficiency.


  • University student or a graduate.
  • Fluent in English and any other international language: Swahili included.
  • An age range from 18 to 33 years old.
  • A sharp minded and focused person