There is indefinable quality about the place that gives the feeling one has stepped back into the past, the atmosphere itself is somehow ancient.

Who has not longed to hear stories about Mt. Kilimanjaro, visit the world’s legendary greatest game parks - Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, Selous Game Reserve and many more; fish and swim in the Indian Ocean or Africa’s Great Lake?!  For over a century these have been the continent’s greatest draws; but a land of superlatives, another attraction stands equally tall; the people of Tanzania, who among the most approachable are welcoming on Earth.

The Eco / Cultural tourism programs invite you to broaden your Tanzania experience by our people-to-people brand of tourism with the traditional wildlife / scenery / spots approach.  Eco / Cultural tourism it intended to offers you insights into the life-traditional and modern of Tanzanians at home, at work, at play and at rest.

Please visit our itineraries to view a detailed Eco / Cultural tourism itinerary specially designed to bring you closer into contact with Tanzania and its beautiful people and their cultures.




After breakfast you’ll depart from Keys Hotel Travel & Tours and drive to Materuni village. Spend your day with your English-speaking guide among the residents of Materuni village. The village is situated 15KM north of centre of Moshi town. The village lies on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro and whilst you are in the village you can see the fantastic view of Mount Kilimanjaro and Moshi town if weather condition permits.

Materuni Village Tour invites you to spend your day with Chagga people to experience their traditions and learn about their unique life styles. The primary focus of all of our activities is guest participations, giving you the opportunity to interact with the Chagga people for the most authentic experience Materuni Village Tour has to offer.

The day begins in the morning when your guide will meet you at the selected point to start your tour to the village. Have a briefing and know the history of Chagga then start your tour. Along the way, you will stop at various points for information and description of the flora and fauna found at village; visit local primary school found at the village; dance and play with the kids. Next will be visiting a Chagga family where you will have an opportunity to experience coffee making exercises in a local way by making and sipping it with the local people of the village. Finally you will wrap up the afternoon swimming and relaxing at the waterfall before returning to Keys Hotel Travel & Tour Moshi for overnight (BB).



After breakfast we’ll depart from Keys Hotel Travel & Tours and drive to Marangu gate with box lunch. When you enter Mount Kilimanjaro National Park Marangu Gate you will complete the registration formalities at the park headquarters. The actual hike begins at the park gate (6,000') and we hike 5.5 miles up to Mandara Hut (8,860') near the upper edge of the forest line. The hike takes about 3-5 hours. The path is interesting, starting off through rain forest vegetation, and then opening up to giant heather. If time and weather permits a short walk from Mandara to Maundi Crater is worth it. Walk back to Marangu gate, meet your driver and drive back to Keys



After breakfast we’ll depart from Keys Hotel Travel & Tours and drive to Rundugai cultural tourism village. It is 25km from the Kilimanjaro International Airport. Drive through the roundabout to Boma then turn south to the village office-just after crossing the railway. For visitors coming from Moshi the village is 38 kms away. While there are different tour activities in this village, visitors get stunning views of both Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru. Probably the most known are the Maasai raiding their cattle and following closely their tribal culture together with Pare and Chagga people who altogether have different traditions and ways of life. 

When you arrive at village, the tour starts at Kijiweni sub-village which serves Maasai Market on Mondays. The tour will proceed to a home of a highly respected midwife who will explain how she does her work for the community; continue to the village herbalist to learn about different traditional medicines provided for various diseases and then to the local weavers for weaving experiences in different products example mats, baskets, etc.

On the other side of Majengo sub-village you will visit Pare’s and Chagga’s farms where you will meet different irrigation fields such as rice fields, onion fields and many other vegetable crops such as okra, eggplants and tomatoes mostly grown for local consumption by the community.

The tour will go through the Kikuletwa Hot Spring for swimming and then take you to the lunch site. After lunch, we’ll drive back to Keys Hotel Travel and Tours for overnight. (BB)



After breakfast, you’ll depart from Keys Hotel Travel & Tours and drive to Marangu village. Stay with Chagga family, have an opportunity to witness Chagga culture with a visit to a traditional Chagga house.  Participate with members of the family in zero grazing livestock feeding, coffee picking, processing and finally tasting a coffee from which you have prepared and cooking yourself local food. Enjoy lunch at family house prepared by yourself with Chagga women. Enjoy Machalari and Mtori, famous ‘Chagga food’.  Have your yoghurt too! 

Visit the famous Kinukamori which is a panoramic viewpoint ideal for photographing waterfalls and Mount Kilimanjaro. 

Visit Kilimanjaro National Park Gate and get an explanation of history, ecological features, etc. and it is also time to take photos.

After the tour, we’ll drive back to Keys Hotel Travel & Tours Moshi for overnight (BB).



After breakfast you’ll take your lunch pack from Keys Hotel Travel & Tours Moshi and drive to Maasai Village (Olpopongi). Staying with Maasai family, have an opportunity to witness and experience Maasai culture with a visit to their traditional houses. Get to know your host by a brief introduction from both sides in Swahili language by the Maasai men and women.  You will be introduced to Village Leaders who will provide you with any information you need to know about the Maasai life.  See how Maasai among the last of the World’s Patrol people are coming to terms with 21st Century in their own time.  Please do not hesitate to use this visit to discuss with women on issues related to their normal and daily life including female genital mutilation. Participate in making beads and have a chance of dancing and singing with the Maasai women.

A view into culture and daily life of Maasai people should not be missed while you are in Tanzania.  Do not forget your camera, as Maasai will not mind taking pictures with you on their pictures before returning to Keys Hotel Travel & Tour Moshi for overnight (BB).



After breakfast you’ll depart from Keys Hotel Travel & Tours and drive to Old Moshi Cultural Tourism village with your lunch box from Keys Hotel Travel and Tours. This full day tour will take you through the beautiful countryside surrounding Mount Kilimanjaro filled with banana and coffee farms. Here you will be able to learn more about farming practices, and the local life of the Chagga people and the chiefdom system. You will also be able to explore historical sites and learn more about the rich history of Old Moshi as your guide tells you stories dating back to before German and British colonization. Some historical sites you will visit are: the tree where Mangi (Chief) Meli was hanged by the Germans in 1900, the palace of the chief, German military base from the 1890’s and cemetery and old slave market ruins, Kitimbitihu, the site where the Christian missionaries from Germany first preached the word of God and baptized the first converts on the slope of Mount Kilimanjaro in around 1885.  After visiting the historical sites you can sit down and enjoy local banana beer.

In the afternoon you will enjoy a delicious local lunch made by mamas in the village, followed by a visit to the Kidia Lutheran Church, an original stone church built by German missionaries, as well as Kidia dispensary where you will learn about Doctor Bruno Gutman. You will finish a tour with scenic hike to Mambori waterfalls. Along the way to the waterfalls, your guide will tell you the story of how Mambori waterfalls got its name and explain the medicinal uses for a variety of naturally growing plants along. After the tour you will be driven back to Keys Hotel Travel and Tours for overnight (BB).