In case of an Emergency on the Mountain

Keys hotels Travel and tour guides are professional and highly experienced in preventing, detecting, and treating altitude sickness. Our guides conduct health checks twice daily using a pulse oximeter to monitor your oxygen saturation and pulse rate.

Some of Our guides are certified Wilderness First Responders (WFR). They have the tools to make critical medical and evacuation decisions on location. They do carry bottled oxygen on all climbs and can administer it to quickly treat climbers with moderate and serious altitude sickness.  Our staff carries a portable stretcher at all times to evacuate climbers who need to descend but are unable to walk on their own.  They also have a first aid kit to treat minor scrapes, cuts and blisters.

In the event of someone needing to be evacuated to seek immediate medical assistance:

In this instance the casualty will be evacuated to KCMC Hospital (referral hospital).  This can be done by guides and porters using a stretcher to bring down a casualty to a place where there is 4x4 (be aware this can be a difficult ride if wet).The evacuation of the casualty is the priority; all available resources will be used to insure a safe and a successful evacuation. If your insurance covers for the helicopter to pick you from the mountain, then they will be contacted but this depends on the weather and the point where the casualty is.

In the event of someone needing to stop ascending or ascend slower than the scheduled due to the slow altitude acclimatisation or poor health:

In case of slow altitude acclimatisation one need to go down to a lower camp immediately, low enough for the symptoms to clear.  They can be picked up by the team on their way back down. If symptoms do not clear they will need to be evacuated to seek medical help.

If clients' oxygen saturation is below an acceptable level, we have emergency oxygen bottle on each climb for their safety.  All guides have attended the first aid course.

In the event of someone needing to retire from the trek but not needing immediate medical assistance:

Depending where about on the mountain the person is, he can either stay at the camp/hut where they are and be picked up again by the other member of the group on their way back down or being brought down immediately.