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Do you want to make your climb to the summit of Kilimanjaro Mt, a much fascinating adventure and make your visit to Tanzania fully enjoyable?

Yes, Keys Tours can give you maximum joy at your satisfaction, even amid COVID 19 threat.

It should be remembered that the world encountered the worst tragedy ever namely COVID 19. This disease was declared to be pandemic Tanzania by WHO on 11th March 2020. All nations of the world enter into the hardest lifestyle affecting all sectors of life. Just as it affected lives of people COVID 19 as well, severely affected people’s and government’s life socially, politically and economically.

Adhering to the announcement made by WHO, Tanzania just like other countries of the world, banned all foreign flights. This in the real essence so much affected our tourist industry. All tourists’ bookings were cancelled and we were forced to close down our operations.

In June 2020 the President of Tanzania John Magufuli announced the opening of the foreign flights to land in Tanzanian airports and hence bring in tourists as it was before.

To make this permission work, strategies must be made to ensure safety for both tourists and tourism practitioners The Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism released National Standard Operating Procedures for management of the COVID-19 threat. This document has clearly enlisted important and implementable rules put in place for the industry to continue with its operations while at the same time ensuring safety to visitors and their supporting staff.

Some of the measures that included in the procedures are as enlisted hereunder:

• Thermal screening on arrival and at every start and ending of the day for tourists, and all supporting staff.
• All climbers and staff should carry and use sanitizing facilities all the way through.
• All foodstuffs will be packed in a way to make it safe for consumers.
• All climbers and supporting staff should wear mask at the camp, hut, and at the entry gate.
• Will strictly avoid interchanging the luggage between two porters. So as the luggage will be tagged accordingly.
• Cooking tent will be restricted only for the cooks.
• Dining tent will not be allowed with its full capacity. We also, encourage climbers to dine inside or outside (during the clear sky) their Sleeping tent.
• All luggage should be wrapped in a way where it can sterilize.
• TWO meters social distancing will be maintained whence avoiding any gathering in every step and activity to be performed.
• All Vehicle used will be completely equipped with Sanitary provisions.
• Local park rules will be adhered then and there.
For further details and information of this SOP please follow this link ……..


We are very glad that the government have finally opened-up for foreign flights. This means that tourists’ business is allowed to go in operation and abound in Tanzania once again.

Keys Hotel and Tours is very much pleased to announce to our clients and customers that our operations are starting and will give you the best services ever.

We guarantee our clients a profound hospitality as we always do. As well our company have developed our own Standard Procedures to ensure safety for our staff members and clients. You can read it through this link. ……………….

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Welcome to Keys Tours to make your tourism a memorable and remarkable event in your life.